What happens to our body while sleeping?

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You must have been heard of this cliché sayings such as “Beauty sleep for skin, sufficient sleep keeps you healthy, etc.”

 You must have experienced once that if you have a bad sleep overnight, you get easily stressed and your skin might look as bad as ever. If you keep sleeping on this bad cycle, this can cause aging in the skin as well as degradation in the function of the skin barrier.

In addition, there can be a sharp spike in the stress hormone which can lead to more breakouts. If your skin has become weaker or you have got stressed recently, why don’t you pay attention to the advice on the importance of sleeping and get yourself a good sleeping pattern rather than scampering to hospitals?

In this post, we are going to talk about what is happening to your body while sleeping, and how you are supposed to do to get a good sleep.



 Changes in body while sleeping.

1. Secretion of growth hormone

 Growth hormone is secreted for even adults while sleeping. This does not mean the hormone is active all the time during your sleep but is at peak in 2 hours after you fall into sleep, then gradually decreases as you reach a sleeping condition called REM sleep. Due to the secretion of growth hormone, there are many things happening simultaneously in our organ system.

- It regulates metabolism.

 Metabolism refers to the process that the intake of nutrients is being converted into energy and letting waste out of the body. Once your metabolism gets distracted by lack of sleep, then your body cannot have the time to fully recuperate which leads to fatigue and tiredness.

- It helps cell regeneration in bones and muscles.  

Muscle tissues, particularly, aids in the recovery of the quads and heart and strengthen these muscles therefore these helps prevent cardiac conditions. In addition, this maintains bone density therefore keeping osteoporosis at bay.

- It balances autonomic nerve system.

Growth hormone plays an important role in balancing autonomic nerve system. Once this nerve system is disturbed, then it can lead to a collapse in sympathetic nerve system and parasympathetic nerve system. These two nerve systems take part directly in the quality of sleep therefore if hampered, you are less likely to get a good sleep.  

- It promotes collagen production.

Growth hormone helps collagen and elastin reproduction. These two heal the damage of your skin as well as of UVs that you got during the day.  

2. It enhances your memory.

Synapsis is a part of a neuron (a nerve cell). This interacts with other neurons and get new information and in doing so, it saves information and the connection between each neuron becomes stronger.  

3. It improves immunity.

 Steps to quality sleep

1. Sleep for plenty of hours.

An adult should sleep at least 6 to 7 hours. What actually matters is not the amount of time you sleep but whether you go to bed at the right time. Many studies tell between 10pm to 2am is the best time for cell regeneration. During this period, the amount of time for skin cell regeneration is for about 90mins, therefore it is important to go to bed at the right time.


2. Use skincare products for better skin condition.

Skincare products are more effective when skin cells are regenerating during sleep. It is best off to pay extra attention to your night skincare routine.

3. Change your bad habits before going to bed.

Even if you sleep for 8-9 hours, if the quality lacks, then this long hour of sleep can be rather an extra burden on your body. Therefore, to improve your sleep quality, improve your before-bed habits as follows.

-Keep away from smartphones: the blue light emitted from a smartphone disturbs your sleep. A hormone called melatonin is also secreted however this blue light hampers melatonin production. This includes tablets, TV apart from smartphones. (if you use them with lights off, you are getting the full blast of this light which takes a heavy toll on your skin)

-Food: Superfoods such as avocado or nuts contain a neuro substance which keeps you alert, should be avoided before going to bed. Having milk or yogurt calms your nerve system down therefore helpful for having a quality sleep.  

4. Bedroom hygiene

If you do not wash your pillow or duvet for a long time, it creates the perfection condition where mites can proliferate and allow them to invade into our body to cause breakouts. Hence regular wash of your beddings is necessary and sleeping with a towel on top of your pillow is a great way to keep them hygienic.

 All Information is factual and based on our research


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