RootTime | Rooty’s Skincare Tips for FW Season

Date 19.11.12


 Did you get a new sweater, a coat and shoes for FW season? What about skincare? Are you ready for upcoming cold and dry weather?
You need to be aware the importance of changing skincare routine by transition of seasons. Your regular skincare routine might not work for your skin year round.
Your skin can be affected by the seasonal shifts whether the skin is sensitive or not.

 Skin strangely becomes more troublesome when the seasons change. Even after using the best cream or a super moisturizing oil, your skin looks greasier and that inner taut feeling doesn’t get resolved, right? Whyyy? Why our skin gets more sensitive when the seasons change?
What’s important is that we need to know the why our skin becomes more sensitive and drier when the seasons change and take care of our skin problems accordingly, after finding the root causes and starting from the deep inner layers of the skin.

 (1) What is a skin barrier? Causes of a damaged skin barrier


 Skin barrier belongs to the cornified layer of the skin, the outermost epidermal layer. It plays the role of protecting the skin from external irritation and preventing the evaporation of moisture from the skin. If the skin barrier becomes damaged, the skin’s oil and moisture balance becomes unstable and the skin becomes dry very easily.
The skin also becomes sensitive, causing skin problems to surface. Skin barrier is affected by changing weather because skin does not like change. Skin cannot accept dynamic environmental changes! And what’s more, skin loves consistency! So when we travel, our skin tends to rebel and act up! (Oh, No!) Therefore, we should more pay attention to skin barrier when changing season.

 (2) What is Skin Identical Ingredients?


 Then, how can we strengthen our skin barrier? The skin barrier consists of dead skin cells and intercellular lipids, which is a component that is a type of fat. These two types of matter form a brick structure to protect the inner layers of the skin.
Skin identical ingredients are substances that maintain the structure of skin by connecting cells with other cells. As these substances’ structures are very similar to that of the skin, they work on the skin without causing irritation – even on sensitive skin. They offer an excellent skin barrier strengthening effect, as well as a moisturizing effect



 If you use skincare products that contain these three ingredients, you can keep your skin healthy, even in the face of cold winds when the seasons change.

 (3) Daily Beauty Tips for the AW Season

1. Exfoliate your skin with a mild exfoliator (Thanks, AHA!)

2. Applying a sleeping pack containing skin identical ingredients before going to bed.

3. Avoid heaters (Heaters make our skin even drier!)

4. Don’t forget a lip gloss and a lip mask! (Lip is also part of your skin.)


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